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Stream - X

These Steam Generators have been designed for domestic and commercial use. The Water tank is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, The generator has water-level and dry run protection. The generator is fitted with indication lamp for on/off, water inlet and water.


Electronic Control :

An Electronic Control specially designed to create an ideal environment inside the steam room.



  • Allows selection of Temperature
  • Easy to read illuminated temperature display
  • Ergonomic soft-touch switches
  • Japanese Temperature Sensor


Steam Head:

The Steam Head is provided in the inlet of the steam inside the room, it is designed for even distribution of steam into the room, it includes a provision to add aroma oil. Eucalyptus or other scents can be added to the steam for a unique aroma therapy experience.


Domestic Range
Model No: Preasure SWITCH Room Size Cft Power K.W Voltage (V)/ Phase
PSG 401 No 80 4 KW 230 /1
PSG 403 No 80 4 KW 230 /3
PSG 503 No 115 5 KW 230 /3
PSG 603 No 175 6 KW 230 /3
PSG 803 Yes 250 8 KW 230/3
PSG 103 Yes 450 10 KW 230/3
PSG 123 Yes 550 12 KW 400/3
PSG 183 Yes 700 18 KW 400/3