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Sauna bath

A sauna is a dry heat bath taken in a well-insulated room lined with, kiln-dried soft wood or pine wood and heated with electrical heaters with igneous rocks on top. Optimal sauna temperatures range from 160° to 190° Fahrenheit. Relative humidity levels, which are controlled by the bather sprinkling water on the hot rocks, as per the bathers preference.

This Sauna is a also known as traditional sauna rooms, these are built to offer the body and mind a compleate relaxation.Sauna has many healthy effects on the mind and body. Our rang of products include

  • Sauna Heater
  • Sauna Room ( Custom made.)
  • Sauna room ( Pre fabricated -various sizes available)
  • Sauna Acessories


Salient Features.

  • All wooden Paneling shall be in fine grained PINE insulated with Glasswool.
  • The Heater Body shall be in M.S.Powder coated with specially designed unit for more efficient air heating and circulation.
  • All sauna Heater controls are 100% safe.
  • Temperature is detected by an Electronic probe and Light displayed on the panel mounted near the Sauna door.
  • Door are in made with pine wood with glasswool insulation sandwiched between the paneling.
  • Doors are designed open to outside for Safety reasons.
  • Door’s having double glazed inspection window, brass hinges, wooden handles and air ventilation for fresh air circulation.