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Greek physicians used to prescribe water therapy to patients for its residual health benefits, and Roman civilizations created communal baths for the same reason: they saw the healing assistance of water. And this is true till today, where many modern-day doctors are still prescribing hot baths, steams, hot springs, and saunas in order to improve health, cure ailments, and promote prevention.

Jacuzzi jets massage with high volumes of water evenly mixed with air. The jets push more water into the bath at a lower pressure. The result is an extra wide, circular flow of pulsating water that stretches deeper into the bath to gently massage more areas than those directly in front of the jets. It's the essential ingredient of true, effective hydrotherapy.


Pronto Pools Domestic and Commercial jacuzzi whirlpool bath system range contains models of 6 Jet Nozzles, 8 Jet Nozzles and 12 Jet Nozzles. Our Jacuzzi  Hydro massage bath is fitted with Imported ABS air jet nozzles  having pressure adjustment knob,and UPVC piping around the Jacuzzi bath tub designed in such a way that all nozzles have an equal flow of air and water for a perfect hydro massage, to pressurize the water mono block pump sets of 3 H.P-5 H.P will be fitted based on the capacity of the Jacuzzi.

Some of the advantages of a Jacuzzi (Hydro massage bath system):

• Relieves fatigue
• Prevents stiffness and other body aches
• Reduces stress by the releasing endorphins into the body
• Allows harmful toxins to leave the body
• Soothes muscles aches, arthritis, back pain, and can be used to repair injuries
• Improves flexibility and increases muscle endurance
• Can actually reduce the affects of aging
• Has been shown to reduce high blood pressure
• Can even boost your metabolism for additional weight loss.